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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Addition to my previous comment (bottom)

    G, T, 18+ streamers should all be equally represented on the platform. Which they are not.
    Mixer can cater to whatever they deem appropriate when it comes to partnership and additional opportunities (studio spots, early access for MS games, etc) that makes sense from a marketing standpoint. Xbox should utilize parental controls to monitor content types, not censorship from the platform. Parents should be accountable for what their Xbox allows their kids to watch, not Mixer.

    There's a difference between a mature stream and outright hate speech or other inappropriate actions. A mature (18+) stream shouldn't be denied platform options simply because they curse or have mature conversations (within TOS.) Yes, a streamer that relies on vulgarity and inappropriate content WILL have a harder time making headway in the industry but that's on them. Don't further add to their problems by removing their opportunities on the platform.

    Anonymous commented  · 

    I agree with a majority of this with one exception.

    HypeZone, while a great idea, has proven to be detrimental to the platform over time. Only focusing on a couple of games makes the rest of the platform seem unimportant. All people see when they're on Mixer is Fortnite and PUBG. It brings an overly high amount of emphasis on two games.

    A better solution would be for HypeZone to instead rotate the focus daily. Today the HypeZone will feature this game, tomorrow a different one. As Valsis said, you guys have the brains and the tech to figure this out.

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