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Discovering New & Exciting Games on Mixer AND The Xbox Store is a Chore

I can understand WHY The "HypeZone" is kept in front - even if I think it's really killing off all the Other, Strange hundreds of games being Streamed by those whose "Thing" is Indies, Puzzle Games, Retro, etc. What truly boggles me is the massive change a minor investment could make by hiring a few kids to add EVERY Xbox 360 & Xbox One Title to the Mixer List via Player.Me. I know that Player.Me caters to all consoles & PC. Doesn't matter. Mixer. Microsoft. Pay a few half-brained kids to just plug in all the info for all Games, including the requisite 2 pics, as well as all those damned links. BC Really? That's supposed to be ON ME? I've went through the trouble of putting in all information and then some only to have the name kept but the pics not accepted. It takes TIME. And the reality is that although I'm helping myself by having a Game I'm Streaming able to be discovered more easily with a Title (rather than having to put it in "Other") - YOU ALSO BENEFIT from the Marketing/ Showcasing of the Game!!!

What MINOR expense it would be to just hire em. Plug EVERY GAME in with Pics - (as is feasibly possible - taking note of not only Digital Games, but Games no longer in the store, but still available via Disc) - NOT 2 MUCH 2 ASK. Would put every Indie, Retro, Underrated, etc. Game on the playing field, at least.

The Xbox Store: Seriously. Pay a small TEAM to dismantle the blatantly absurd "Action/ Adventure" Category in the Store. TBH: I feel as though that category only exists as a 1-Stop- Dump All for any & every game that isn't looked into further. I've seen the most ridiculous games in that category, including OBVIOUS STRATEGY Games, Sims, Educational Games, etc. BUT: Well, if you're clicking a mouse, or moving around with the stick, well - THAT'S ACTION! - FACT. Awesome.

This category is loaded w Games that NEED to be placed in their respective categories - and I see that the store is not lacking in Genres. There's a BIG LIST. But if you want to browse through all the Platformers, for example, prepare yourself for a list that will be void of more than half of em. Same Goes for a lot of categories.

Can you imagine if Film decided to just lump both Action Films & Adventure Films together? You'd see John Wick next to Harry Potter whilst scrolling down a list of thousands and thousands of titles. Kill Bill & Willow!!! - Anything & Everything Fits!!!

So not only does Mixer through it's lack of listing (in addition to to its utter lack of Search Options by Genre, etc.) make it hard to DISCOVER New Games that are "Under the Hype" - it is actually tough to find, via Store Searches, some AWESOME GAMES BC they're lumped into the Catch-All Dump of "Action Adventure". I have literally found out about games on YouTube or other Social Media BF finding them in the Store. Do a Search. IT EXISTS!!!

Also: Really Wish that the mini-screens of Mixer Searches would Show WHAT PLATFORM the Streamer was playing on. Little icons on the mini-screens to indicate Switch, Xbox, PS, etc - IF that is possible, or practical. Also: I see a "Retro" category exists. PLEASE add in Categories exclusive to Xbox: "Xbox Indies", "Xbox Creators Content", "Xbox Educational", "Xbox Puzzle Games", "Backwards Compatible" - or, AT LEAST just add along w "Retro", "Indie", "Puzzle", "Strategy" - some Basic genres. This way, whilst the kids are working on adding every game to the List, I can at least throw my game under a Genre rather than the Catch-All Dump "Other" - much the same kind of thing here as the "Action Adventure" Store Category.

Also: Please Add "Other" to the pitiful list of 3 Reasons to Report Reviews of games in the Store, if you won't add other sensible reasons. Spam, Vulgarity, and Offensive Material? Those are my 3 options. TBH: I ALWAYS choose "Offensive", BC what's thought of as "Offensive" is stupid & a waste of time to lull over - and actually, I AM actually offended when I see a Great Game receive a 1-Star Rating BC of "Difficulty" - as in, the Reviewer takes the authoritative position of labeling the game too hard, as opposed to stepping back and maybe just realizing that they don't want or like games that require ultra precision and effort. "Achievement Woes" offend me too - BC on The TrueAchievements you can find Ratings and Reviews that INCLUDE Achievements as part & parcel of the Rating - and that is totally sensible, given what the site is. But in the Store? Doesn't fly for me. Also sick of people giving low ratings who ADMIT to having not even played the game - BC, well, they can't load it up - so they 1-Star it - and they've never played it.

If not "Other" with a line for some text, then please add: "Uninformative": (Includes both Great & Poor Ratings that just say "Great" or "Poor", and that's that); "Premature": (not enough time spent playing); "Straight Stupid": (3rd Grade English w 20 emojis that is just utter gibberish); "Over-focused": Rating is solely based on, say, Visuals alone, or Story, leaving out all other features; etc. - none of these have to be taken. The 3 available ones are just not acceptable, and honestly, they all fit into the same category, more or less.

It's difficult for me when Freestyle writing to make things short.

END POINT: "Discovering" Games is a Major Hassle (and Hindrance to even finding what you could've found if the game was put into its proper Genre in the Store) - A Major Hassle on BOTH Mixer & The Xbox Store. Mixer: Minor investment. Hire some kids. Put ALL Games feasible w pics on Mixer via Player.Me. Store: Minor investment. Small Team to take that huge lot of "Action/ Adventure" Games and start separating them & dismantling the whole category, starting just by splitting Action & Adventure into 2 Categories. One for "Nier" & One for "Zelda" or "Zelda-esque" games. None of this involves much Risk. What is LOST by doing this? Some of the hired folk could do poorly, of course - and, well, goodbye fired. But this is about Discovery & Exposure. Which is good not only for Streamers, but for Microsoft PERIOD, in terms of Sales.

Thank U 4 Your Time,
~ Brian C: [GT: DoctorThrift]

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