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Good evening.
So I had a question after a conversation with a co-worker of yours.
"Hello Kratos,
So I got this new pc right, and was interested in streaming. So I was send to Twitch or Mixer. Didn't like Twitch so Mixer it is 😉.
If I go to 'Become Pro' and then 'get it here for $7.99' I can either choose PayPal or Credit Card/Bank Card.
But it doesn't allow me to link my bank card. For whatever reason that is.
To get the 7.99 in my PayPal account I decided to transer it with my bank card and then link the PayPal account with Mixer Pro subscription.
But that somehow also doesn't work. The only way to pay is with an credit card I believe. Something that I do not own.
I hope to hear from you soon.

TLDR; My problem here is that I have no way to subscribe to mixer pro because I do not have nor want a credit card.

- A suggestion would be to link your paypal wallet money and if you do not have sufficient founds your subscription will end.
- Add iDeal as a payment option


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