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Xbox One Users, I Bring Good news!

XBOX ONE USERS! (and above)), I come bringing good news! I am working with a team who has created an experimental camera, called the SUB2r... and i have one of their units in my hands...

No one but me has tested it thus far, not even the development team. This camera is absolutely NUTS, there are so many features to it that i cannot honestly type all of them without posting 8x 1920x1080 Screens worth of text about it.

But i will say this: it exceeds any other webcam out there today in the market...


IT WORKS WITH THE XBOX ONE!. Not perfectly, but, then again, this is an EXPERIMENTAL CAMERA. it has a long road to go.

it has at minimum, 5 times the quality of the leading webcam out there to this date. that much, i can guarantee you.

it works between 25 - 30 frames, with a few frames dropping here and there.. But the development of this camera is no where near finished... So there is going to be improvement.

I present to you:

The SUB2r camera, Fresh off the press, COMPLETELY experimental, and with heaps of lead-way to improve.

Gimme your thoughts, please. I know its not 100% in focus, and i know its a bit blueish or white... but like i said, its experimental. even the lens i'm still dialling in.

This is a proof of concept.

So... Thoughts?

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