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Roulette! or Hype Boat!

Hi there, my name is Michael or SPARTAN-B301 & I'll share an idea of whom.

There are many streamers trying to make it today, but there is so much competition they barely can be seen.

My idea is simple. Create a Button called "Roulette" with it a small window where you check what you're looking for.

Like; FPS, Action, sci-fi, less than 5 viewers.

Then, the roulette would just pop - out a random streamed (even with one or 2 viewers).

If you like it? Just stay. If you don't Just roulette!

Like Hypezone (roulette zone why not) but instead of being focused on one game it would be a focus on all of them & it would give a chance to any streamers being hosted a shot ;)!

I'm 120% sure it might even become a phenomenon as the viewers will be part of a boat of hype lol

This would solve a long time issue of streamers stuck for days with two viewers & get a chance to anyone.

If you wish to discuss it with me just here is my channel, feel free to drop by anytime;

Cheers mixer!

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