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Better use of screen real estate ideas [Mixplay and Cinematic mode]

Mixer's anniversary site theme doesn't use space well. I'm personally on a 21" display with VSR upscaling my resolution to 1920x1080.

1. The top and bottom bars on the site create annoying letterboxing that doesn't need to be there on the sides. reducing the viewing area.

solution 1- Add a "cinematic mode" this would be just the chat and the stream using as much real estate as possible. with a togglable OVERLAYED Mixplay option. [Reference image "cinematic.png"]

Solution 2- lower the stream bar with the follow and name under the stream (we know who we're watching) and have the top bar pop down if you hover on the top side of the site.

2. Mixplay- Mixplay is really cool and really brings mixer ahead. It's a space hog though. making more letterboxing and using a LOT of space below the stream.

This solution is actually inspired by a bug on the site and inspired me to make this post. Interestingly enough this "bug" is actually exactly what i've wanted from Mixplay since the beginning (Screenshot taken from PXAbstraction's channel since i've been unsuccessful on re-creating it

Solution- Overlap the Mixplay buttons on top of the viewing window and maybe have the buttons opacity drop to about 10% when the cursor isn't on the viewing window (the hide/show button would still apply).

Moreover, the buttons could have a feathered blue or grey mask behind them to make them easier to make out over the stream. This would fade completely when the cursor is off the window. ["Mixplay 1" and "Mixplay 2".png]

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