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A PSA Regarding Decency for Kids

O Hai, Mixer Peeps!

There are kids that are watching Mixer Live Streams. Sometimes, they troll, sometimes, they're rude, & sometimes, they don't follow the stream rules. They need to learn how to be a community member & how to behave in the streams' chat.

So, I was thinking of having a PSA for people (especially children) watching Mixer streams. I don't know if it's good for radio ad or video ad. It's a parody of Spongebob Squarepants' Fun Song.

Sir Matt (one of the co-founders of Mixer) found this funny and even want me to send this to Social Team.

I hope you like this idea for the community. Thank you.


P.S. Here are the lyrics:

D is for wearing Decent clothes.
E is for Etiquette! Take down notes! (Uh!)
C is for Children, chat nicely
or watch streams with mommy & daddy.
E is for Educate about stream rules.
N is for Never be... rude!
T is for Trolling is stupidity, so behave appropriately.
Children, remember. If you want to make a live streaming community a better place, just remember the 6 letters: D E C E N T.

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