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Moderator Merch Ideas

Considering the fact that Moderators are the second face of a channel, not only they are a representative of the channels they moderate for, but they play the second most important role in a channel by keeping chat in order so the streamer can focus on the content they're putting out.

The Moderator role, as we all know, it's a free, voluntary job that, whoever get awarded with such responsibility has a pretty handy job in hands. In a lot of cases it is not an easy job either.

Not only a lot of Moderators have to deal with harassment, making it a hard task to endure in the long term, but often times there's little recognition, or none at all, for their hard work and commitment.

For that matter, I would like to suggest a way for Moderators to be able to express themselves with Mixer Merch specifically dedicated to them: The Authority.

This would be interesting to see, specially in conventions, where we would be able to acknowledge who's a Moderator.

For this I would suggest the following items to be available for Moderators only:
- Hoodie (under the arm logo saying Mod)
- T-shirt (black + Gray + Blue - under the arm logo saying Mod)
- B-band (if available)
- Baseball tee (insert a clever thing to describe a Mod)

These would be my first suggestions so Moderators can show in public who they are in the Mixer Community.

Any other suggestions, feel free to add them in the comments!

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