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There HAS to be an Affiliate program.

Twitch has proven by adding an affiliate program that both they and their streamers make more of an income. The biggest negative feedback to the affiliate program was by the Twitch Partners who felt that this detracted form their possible sub's. There is no evidence of this as all streamers have variation in sub's and that can not be tied directly together.

Affiliates would get the ability to receive "Embers", a Sub button, a generic contact for mixer support, and a little bit of advertisement form Mixer would hurt. (ex. Channel two which showcases one affiliate a day and does not provide an increase in sparks like channel one.)

Partners would still have a personal contact at Mixer, still get all of the same current benefits like the ability to make money from advertisements, game/features purchased through their channel, sparks and everything else they already have.

This would allow smaller streamers to still make advancements as streamers and also increase income to Mixer. As an example without a feature or Channel one which is filled with lurkers farming Sparks almost ALL partners average 15-30 concurrent viewers throughout their stream.. This means they average (12K-25K followers) less than 1% concurrent viewers without the help of mixer. Where as non partnered streamers below 2k generally average the same if not a higher percentage. there is no fiscal reason as to why Affiliate would be a bad program to introduce. The only down side will be how partners feel about it and if Partners disagree with the program not only has Twitch shown it doesn't affect their partners, but it would also show that Mixer partners really don't care about growth of the community, but only of their channel.

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  • Lynn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    An affiliate program would be cool, but maybe with less "partner" type benefits. Affiliates shouldn't get a sub button, that's what partners work hard for. To have it handed to someone who doesn't meet the requirements is almost like a smack in the face.

    So lets do a hypothetical requirement & rewards for affiliate:

    10 concurrent viewers
    Stream for at least 15 hours last month
    Account must be 3 months old
    Must stream for 10 unique days in the last month


    Be able to receive Embers
    Receive some sort of (lower) spark pay out. (monthly, not weekly) Capping at a lower milestone a month
    Get 1 channel emote for followers to use.

    Affiliate shouldn't be bottom of the barrel bare minimum like *cough cough* twitch. It's something you should work for (just like partner) but a little easier to obtain. (Not that 1,000 followers or the viewers are easy to get.) Being an affiliate should be more than "Oh I wanna make money give me *free* money" because it is basically free money. Maybe even 750 followers and 6 viewers would work out. I just see an affiliate status as working towards something more. It shows that you don't mind putting in the time and effort. (Sorry for the long comment) lol

  • KensonPlays commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It's not really needed. I went to a Panel at PAX South a few days ago and it sounds like they plan on at some point opening up at least some options to non-partners.

    One of the panelists said something to the effect of: "We're not in the business of copying & pasting things like an Affiliate system."

    As well as stating they would like to make Embers benefit non-partners in the future.

  • Jason commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I for one am all down for an Affiliate type program on Mixer. The one drawback with partnership is that even though you may meet all requirements you still have to meet concurrent viewer requirements that aren't stated on the Mixer Partnership application page. I have had friends meet all requirements and get declined on the basis that they don't meet concurrent viewers. As Mixer has stated these concurrent viewers went from a set amount, which I believe was 75, to a random undetermined amount based on game popularity when they change the partnership requirements. Essentially they see what you play and make up a bracket of viewership that you should be hitting. This just doesn't work and is too unpredictable as game popularity goes up and down like fuel prices. If anything this concurrent viewer figure needs to be set in stone so people applying for partnership know what to aim for and not sit there waiting for a reply wondering whether they're going to be declined.
    By saying this though the requirements for partnership would have to be adjusted if an affiliate type program were to be introduced. Basically they would go up. A program like this would entice streamers to aim higher and not be discouraged by a generic declining email with no explanation as to why.
    When they changed the partnership requirements Mixer stated that they would be focusing more on channels that are more community focused. They have done the complete opposite. I have personally seen partnered channels with poor channel design and literally nothing to do with building a community. They want originality and streamers who will build the Mixer community but they're partnering streamers who do the complete opposite. Inject an Affiliate Program and let small streamers show how it's meant to be done. #SmallStreamersUnite

  • Tabz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with this comment being a non partnered streamer myself yet ticking the boxes for the new partner requirements... However not being able to get that last big push to get partner, I feel adding an affiliate program could be a great step for mixer but to do it they would have to be very careful adding it as being partnered now doesn't grant a huge amount of benefits (except the clear things... E.G Subs, spark goals etc) To do it right they need to add a couple of other features first so that the achievement of becoming a partner isn't made obsolete. I think a good thing idea for an affiliate program could be the original partner requirements with a few twists (700 followers but now with 5 average viewers, 2 months (at least) Channel age and over 100 hours streamed) Getting. I feel the opportunity for smaller channels to have custom emotes is a huge thing yet only gives a small amount of the partner benefits away... But I feel the only reason most non partnered streamers want o gain this feature is for monetisation purposes. I agree there would be some sort of monetisation benefit to this but it should be the benefit of subs as mixer not only benefit from this but it also gives more incentive and the option to have customisable emotes.

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