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Spark usage for non-partnered streams to add border to those streams in listings.

As a way to keep the spark economy flowing, and allow viewer participation beyond just partnered streamers. I’ve come up with an idea regarding spark usage in those non-partnered streams.

You would be able to use the sparks on skills (Specifically Skills) in a channel which would help to hype a streamer up. This hype would be measured in a crystal much like the ones the partners currently have reflecting their patronage. Once filled this crystal would also set off another change, A simple border around a ‘hyped’ streamers listing. While remaining the in the same slot based on viewers numbers, other viewers could see this border and know that an active and engaged community was presently surrounding the streamer and could incentivize them to check out the users channel.

A few things to work out would be how long this border would appear in the directory and how many sparks over what time period would trigger this boon as well as other smaller details but the end effect of allowing viewers to not worry about where they are spending their sparks, as well as supporting channels who are on their paths to the next goals they have set to accomplish without detracting from the benefits of streamers who have gained partnership.

This seems like a good cross section between viewer engagement and satisfaction while being able to offer extra exposure to those who are fostering a live and interactive community. Ultimately it helps to contrast mixer with its competitors in the space of new streamers and growing streams and the advantages of choosing to push content to mixer rather than a competitor.

Setting up a system like so would be a massive undertaking and would need to be defined much better than this suggestion dialog so the details would need to be fleshed out and worked in.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I streamed today, I do it for fun and friends to watch I had hypezone pop in and a fella drop over 5000 sparks and then assumed I didn't support the sparks and asked why bothered to stream at all? In the end I felt I had been robbed of possible followers from his comments

  • Mr Baggins commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I like it a lot. Something does need to be added for non partnered streamers. You kind of need a stop gap between the two. Great post!

  • zzBuLLeTzz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I like it! Gives the non partnered streamers a benefit that can’t be overly exploited. A glowing ring would incentivize me to click a stream, but ultimately doesn’t guarantee a follow.

    Basically a mini version of being featured without moving the current location of the stream. (Unless more viewers join of course)

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