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Sparks & Non-Partners / Raid & Host idea!

In light of the new Mixer season 2 ive noticed non-partners feeling out of the loop with benefits of sparks being used in their channel. Ive got a great idea to alleviate that issue and also a cool raid/host idea!

Most non-partners warn their viewers telling them not to use their sparks in their channel as it is of no benefit to anyone and they simply disappear once they are used. That being said, to bring the value of getting sparks used in non-partners channels instead if evaporating into the abyss they should be deposited into the streamers own spark count. Seems simple enough right? Looking into the long term for this idea you get good & bad.

-Non-partners feel a meaning for sparks
-Incentivizes streamers to network and use their sparks in other channels
-Encourages viewers to use sparks anywhere
-Non-Partner community engagment increases leading to new streamers and new communities

-Sparks no longer disappear = higher mixer payouts to partners. This could get out of hand with bots and other forms of spark farming.


Would love to see a host or raid spark option! The idea is when you go to host another streamer that it gives the option in the host drop-down menu to spark host or spark raid. This triggers an event when you host the streamer similar to the beach ball. The idea is that the event or overlay will pop up and face off the chats vs one another in a raid/defend senario. Chatters can then use their sparks to defend or raid the hosted stremer. Similar to a tug of war contest where sparks are the pulling of the rope. At the end of the event all the sparks used will be given to the stremer in which chat voted for either the hosted streamer or the raided streamer as a form of a prize. Just another way to boost a fun community vs community activity.

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  • Angel Face commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with this, why don't sparks go into our own accounts so we can pay it forward? Its a complete waste of sparks and viewer time

  • Tabz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    As much as i love this idea being a non partnered streamer myself with the requirements ticked for applying but yet struggling to get an actual good respsonse, the only way this would really work is if the partners gain an extra way to get income such as adds or that partner sparks gain more money etc. As it is a huge partner benefit. Linking in with this I feel there should be an affiliate system so e.g To get affiliate you need 500 follows 5 average viewers and 100 hours streamed etc. This would then unlock a lot of partner benefits just with the exclusion of the Mixer pro and some other kind of partner gains as in free sub each month.

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