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Exclude, Saves, Console, & Genre filter options!

Mixer has finally added more filters to help us view channels we wish to watch, but there is no such thing as too little filters or filter options. We currently have Filters for Partner, FTL, Interactive (the different types of interactive), ratings(audience), language, and co-streams.

Here are previously suggested filters not added from my last feedback and more!

Let's talk about the ability to exclude games or game types, steam has this functionality and it's amazing. When you do NOT want them recommending games of genres you don't want to play, you can exclude them. I think this would be an amazing feature to add to Mixer, it can allow viewers to find what they are looking for, remove types of streams by genre, games, and more.

2.Genre Filters:
Being a gamer most my life has come with a lot of issues when it came to finding the genres I was into, even just to watch. If you look at Mixer, Twitch and Youtube, there is no real filters for genres to help me find the games I'm really into. So Mixer would be at a huge advantage to allow genre filtering. If Mixer creates their own game list with detailed info like genres, consoles, ratings, and maybe tags, this can allow for more filters in the future. I mostly love watching RPGs/JRPGS (a rarity on Mixer) and even with mature filters with game search, it can take a long time to weed out all the games I'm not into. **** ever tried searching by game, imagine typing in any rpgs or jrpgs you enjoy.. takes forever... Filtering by Genre would levitate this greatly! Imagine being able to filter down to only show RPGs or Simulation channels currently live. :D

3.Game List:
Mixer still uses 3rd party APIs for game lists databse, sure if someone has it good why make your own, well filtering really comes to mind on this, sure it is a lot of work to create, update, then maintain such a list, but I do get tired of having to report to PlayerMe to get the game to show on Mixer... Can't we just have our own and have ppl able to request it kind of like PlayerMe does? Except add genres, ratings, tags, and console info to help future filter features. Imagine an auto rating update if you try to stream an 18+ game, you will be forced to 18+ (I don't like seeing streamers turn 18+ games on teen for viewers, those games were not meant for under 18+, so this option could help enforce a rating above teen based on the game. Also ppl forget too)

4.Saving filter searches:
Whether this is done in the account settings or have options to save specific preferences to save slots. This would be a great addition. I find it would be easiest to add this as a pop up in filters to save preferred searches, or save previous searched settings. So if you last searched English streamers on 18+, your future filters would apply this. **** I'd love it to remember my filters and keep them on when I load into Mixer, would save me opening the tab every time I join just to filter out things I wasn't into. (Also frustrating to filter things out, jump in a channel only to realize.. NOPE and have to re-filter and scroll down again...)

5.Console Filters:
Welp might as well, but I kind of covered this a bit above. Allow streamers to add a channel setting for consoles they stream on. Then filters can run off that database. Example I stream from PC, but I also use Elgato to stream most Sony consoles & SNES. This may not even need to be dependent on a game list at all, just allow streamers and maybe a /console PC, PS4, SNES option for editors or mods if streamer desires it. We already alter our ratings and titles nightly, what's consoles if desired, most put them in their title as of now, so this wouldn't hurt to not have :D

So summary:
~Ability to exclude games/genres filters
~Ability to save filter preferences & even persist on reloads or returns on login later
~Ability to Filter by Genres & Consoles (adding a console option for streamers to fill in on channel edit)
~Mixer to create their own game list that viewers & streamers can help add too (upon approval of course, more work load I know, but a nice future to think about)

If I left any filter ideas out, feel free to comment, and all staff that read this one day, please read comments on other filter ideas. Thank you for your time.

Ika BakaKu & her crazy Dungeon Peeps!

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  • LNE_213 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree that adding a Console Filter would be beneficial as it also allows community members filter for someone who may be on the same platform when looking for streamers who are hosting open lobbies, or even just want to check out streamers on the same platform

  • Rorifett commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks Ika! Hopefully some or most of this can be picked up and implemented soon, appreciate your efforts as always 💙❤️

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