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PC Streaming + PCZone + Promotions

Outside of mixer, the overall perspective of our platform still persists that we are either exclusively Xbox console, or that the community wont welcome/support anyone who is not Xbox console.

The PowerBuilds show is absolutely a step in the right direction, but more could be done, so here are a few concepts:

+ in "manage channel" tab, have a settings switch to select console/pc/mobile, and display a device icon to the viewer beside stream title.

+ enable a search option for viewers to look for and/or discover new streamers based on the device theyre streaming from.

(overall, not only would it make it easier for PC gamers to be discoverable by other PC gamers, but its a great way to observe how disproportionately oversaturated Xbox streaming is vs PC and so on. It would also allow us to visually see the PC gaming community growth over time)

+ PCZone would be a great way to feature current streamers, and attract new PC outsiders, while also creating an appeal for current 'xbox only' streamers to consider diversifying their content.
- 1 hour feature for partnered streamers who have [PC] selected in their mgmt tab as their device.
- PCZone to host PC shows produced by mixer (such as power builds) during peak hours.
- Promotional spots for brands to create content, or ads specific to PC products.

+ More PC streamers/brands/content representation on social media.

+ TV/Online Ads for Mixer and PC Gaming.

Beyond these additional suggestions to enhance PC representation on the platform, its easy to see the excellent efforts Mixer puts forth to communicate and evolve with its community, and I am glad to be a part of it.

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