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Prevention of ****** Assault / Child Predator TOOLS for CAT

Give MS / Xbox / Mixer / CAT the tools to deal with certain convicted offenders.
Primarily aimed at Domestic Abuse, ****** Assault ( Both Adult and Children ) to prevent these kind of people to be on the platform.
Since Mixer has a native Xbox app which is used widely by all ages, including kids, and does not have any way to verify that someone is not lying about their age, I feel its important that we keep our users safe.

People with certain convictions are not allowed near Schools , Parks, sometimes even the internet, depending on the conviction and sentence. I feel that some are severe enough to warrant keeping them of the Mixer platform for the sake of safety.

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Jesper Driessen shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This might be a good idea. But there is no practical way for this to be done. It would require much more than an email account, which would drive people from the platform based on complexity issues. In a perfect world, this would be great. But I see no way to implement this.

  • Robert Pflieger commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Automatically connecting Mixer to government systems is an extremely unsafe practice. On top of that, you're assuming that Mixer users and/or Xbox users WILL provide their true identities. (Plus, the ones who do are a lot more likely to NOT be a problem.)

    Beyond any concerns, it's just not possible to implement and enforce this in any usable way. There are numerous reasons that RSO websites don't have a simple application interface (for example, that would even more easily enable vigilante lynchings than simply having the sites in the first place), so Microsoft would be unable to utilize them in an effective manner.
    Knowing RSO lists are used would cause registrants to use a false identity, bypassing the system entirely.
    The restrictions you speak of that are placed on offenders are of questionable constitutionality in the United States, primarily because the large areas that offenders are restricted from basically bar them from even existing in many cities.

    Please see for more information about SO laws. These are people who want to see children protected as much as you, but without overpunishing those kinds of criminals, which has all kinds of negative side effects.

  • NightmareJoker2 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am not sure this is something that even can be done, and that every effort that would allow you to make sure a certain demographic, whether that be a wanted or an unwanted one, is absent is more likely to exclude a large section of the wanted demographics for a slim chance to exclude one unwanted type of individual, who will, by virtue of who or what they are, put significant efforts into evading the protection method. As a result such efforts would have a negative impact on any online community where people like to revel in their pseudonymity far more for perfectly innocuous reasons over malicious ones.

    Not to mention that the types of individuals you are talking about here should be precluded by measures implemented by the law enforcement infrastructure in place in the region in which they live from even showing up.

    So, my two cents: This is bad feedback, as horrible as this sounds, because the problem illustrated isn't preventable in a manner that doesn't put the larger user base at risk instead. Any rule or law enforcement system has to place the freedoms of the innocent in higher regard, and require proof of any infraction, even if that means a few bad eggs slip through the cracks, because the rules established by consensus can't be applied to them.

  • Ryan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It is the non convicted, non registered abusers/predators we really need to be worried about here. As I am sure they are plentiful on any web service where masses of people congregate. Unfortunately there is no way to identify them all. The best preventative measure for this type of behavior is parental supervision of what and who our children and loved ones are interacting with. To ask any platform to deny a person based on a past offense, which many vary and are broken up into violent/non-violent groups as well as risk of re-offense, would probably have to be mandated by a higher federal authority such as the supreme court. Denying someone access based on past offenses may violate certain civil rights of a said person or groups of people. Although I would never condone the act of abuse or assault, or defend those that have committed such acts, a persons civil rights can not be infringed upon by any platform. We as a community on Mixer, and as responsible parents and guardians, need to be the ones identifying inappropriate behaviors and reporting them to the necessary levels, and informing our social networks of such individuals. Even it may not fit within our own moral beliefs.

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