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It warms my heart to see Mixer bring brand new faces to the Platform with a huge presence in other Streaming Platforms such as the latest one announced being Renee, from Twitch, and MixerBr, from Youtube however, there's things that need to be changed in order to improve the Platform as a whole.

While I watched Renee's announcement about her move to Mixer, a lot of what I read confirmed many Mixer Users and Partners's concerns. People outside of Mixer see the Platform as a Console only Platform flooded with kids.

It’s constantly advertised in the Mixer Level Up Cast that Mixer wants to be an all Platform Streaming Service however, this is not what’s being showcased to the world outside of it. And that is already witnessed on Mixer itself. Many times I’ve read in numerous chats “Why are you streaming on PC? Mixer is for Xbox”.

What is my point with all this? It’s easy… As much as I believe the Microsoft acquisition was a brilliant move, it brought with it the huge downside that is already impacting the Platform in a negative way. Users under the allowed age on Mixer and the overall negative impact it brought over to our Streamers, both Partners and non-Partners.

Mixer is seen as a Family-Friendly only platform and, the point I mentioned above, brings the downfall of almost all Mature Rated Streamers, both Partners and non-Partners.

If Mixer says “we embrace all ages” then that has to be shown to us as currently it seems like they promote Family Friendly and Teen Rated only, leaving behind a major audience of Mature Rated Streamers and the Partners who represent you.

If you don't want to lose your current Partners, and the OG Partners you have since the launch of the Partnership Program (which most of them are already gone) you have to do something about the false appearance Mixer has right now.


1) Focus on your current Partners (Mature rated specially as they're being severely neglected - you know I don't say things like this without seeing/knowing)

2) Focus on promoting ALL the Partners in Featured and Carousel (I say all in caps because I constantly see the same ones there and everyone deserves to be in the spotlight. That's the perfect spot to Highlight them)

3) Stop using the Featured and Carousel spots to promote users who aren't Partners. (Their time will come if they push for it. Suggestion incoming)

4) Create a spot to Highlight Regular Streamers. (previously called Up and Coming from the previous layout - bring that back)

5) Focus on even things out between PC and Console. (Xbox took over Mixer and this is what makes people believe 90% of the time Mixer is a Console platform only)

6) Hypezone Channel focused to PC play only (It's time to even things out. I know you guys can find a way to do this)

7) Restrict Xbox account users under 13 years old to join the platform entirely with age verification upon account creation (you have the brains and the tech to find a way to get this done)

This is just a smidgen of what I have to suggest for the Platform.

Focus on your priorities.

Love you guys (you know I do)

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  • Sb commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think Mixer could do something about all the accounts that have been inactive for many years

  • NightmareJoker2 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Valsis, I <3 this, but I have to add my own two cents:

    I agree with #1, but more the part you have slightly shoved aside by putting it in parenthesis, rather than them not getting enough attention.
    I disagree with #2, content restrictions apply. Non-signed in users should only see family-friendly and teen rated channels up there, and signed-in users should have to opt-in, and opt out after (that last one is currently not provided and requires being a developer and using the API to accomplish it, or sending in a ticket for it, a conversation with support staff that doesn't understand what you want, and waiting several days, which is appalling)
    I also disagree with #3, as a viewer, I only want to see them up there, if they can get there in their own right, based on the qualifiers the system uses to put them there, even if at times those are not favorable to them (in which case those would need adjustment, and there's definitely room for that, broadcast game type diversity and preventing a HypeZone host from sending a channel into featured slot being one of them). I do agree with you in this regard however for the Xbox dashboard slots. I can understand how they need people to fill them whom they can trust to provide appropriate content for the audience (which is largely teenagers, let's just accept that, they have all the free time in the afternoon), but more diversity is definitely required. I would go so far as banning certain games (say the currently 5 most popular ones) from them, and requiring that each slot has a different content type at all times to even out where the audience goes. The "top games" section below the featured partner section can remain.
    I wholeheartedly agree with #4 up and coming needs to be added back to the anniversary design version of the website, and no longer be a stupid list of all live channels with 5 or more current viewers, simply in descending order by their account creation date (as it was before).
    #5 will be very difficult to do, PC gamers are a minority by themselves already.
    #6 this is similarly difficult without human moderation, which introduces favoritism and bias
    #7 I disagree with the age verification bit, but yes, the Xbox app should only be available to users who are not child accounts, or have their age properly set (this is required for new Xbox LIVE accounts) and are allowed to access it via the parental controls the console provides. The issue is mostly that parents do rarely make use of both of those things when gifting their children a gaming console, which combined with them all being connected to the internet to even be able to play games (discs are shoved by the wayside and don't even include the working version of the game on the media often times). Parents need to be educated about their parental control options, and be enticed to use them.

  • Valsis commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Replying to Jamie

    A filter that would allow users to pick either PC or Console. That's a clever idea and a good solution to be provided!

  • Jamie commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Regarding #5, it would be helpful if there was an option like how you can set the age category (family friendly, teen, 18+) that signifies what platform you are on. However, seeing as there are so many people in the wrong category that could take some work. LUL

  • NashtyGamer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    To add constructive criticism to the post, Here is what I would do to rectify the 18+ situation:
    1) Stop placing more weight on Teen/Family Friendly streams than 18+. Treat them equally.

    2) If Dash slots cannot be 18+ chats, take them away. 75% + are empty follows based on what I have seen and it is essentially “streamer legit” viewbotting

    3) I don’t want Mixer Pro and free subs for instability on the site. I want the site to work and for it to be available without hiccups. That pays for itself in the long run.

    4) If Hypezone must exist, then Chillzone needs to return. All of them should treat streams equally, regardless of rating.

    5) Age verification. Since Microsoft’s hands are tied by their business ventures into TV and subscriptions “as a service”... They will not typically ban people indefinitely anymore. This poses an issue on the Mixer side since Microsoft is not upholding it’s own ToS on the Xbox Platform in regards to hate speech on the Mixer end. A ban on Mixer for that should equate to a lifetime ban on Xbox. No questions asked. Fix it.

    6) The stance of “We will ban if you report but we don’t recommend it” from Mixer in regards to underage mentions in an 18+ stream should be reversed. A child should never be placed into an adult stream that may contain nudity or gratiuitous violence in a video game. That is why games are rated M. It is not my fault that parents buy their 13 y/o child GTA:V but I should have the backing of a ban when a user says they are 14 in an 18+ stream. End of discussion. That is reason for 18+.

    7) If you choose to not support that idea, support this one. Make a 21+ rating. Anyone under the age of 21 can’t be in there and it is a ban offense if you are. Then you can alienate that stream rating like Mixer is currently doing to 18+. Dash slots will then get the privilege of being 18+ legitamately and the Teen/FF/18+ will be on level ground.

  • NashtyGamer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I can further add to these statements and suggest that we stop adding features until we can support the ones that are already there. As an 18+ streamer, I have a problem with how the community is structured in regards to the platform based on the other statements listed here.
    I also have a problem woth giving out free subs and pro like Mixer is currently doing to stave off criticism and make peace with the streamers/viewers who are having to suffer through failed streams or no chat. This leads to negative gains and motivation. It also occurs far to often. I can’t wait for the site to crash during E3. It will happen. It happens during every event because the stability of the site cannot contain it. Then we will get smoke and mirrors and more free subs/mixer pro.
    Overall I am not pleased that to get partnership on the platform, you either have to buy your viewers with giveaways and stream on teen/FF or you have to play Fortnite and PUBG 24/7 while prostituting “playing with viewers” not feasible for a variety RPG streamer like myself.
    Those games and the “sellout nature” of how things are panning out are all unfair to the 18+ variety community that used to flourish on Beam.
    While it exists and it is what it is, I have no moral qualms proving that this exists and it is a direct line to partnership. This should be addressed on the Mixer side as well. It shouldn’t be complicated to fix, it just takes someone with a booming voice who isn’t doing these things... which is either non-existent or isn’t sinking in when you are looking at the data.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Addition to my previous comment (bottom)

    G, T, 18+ streamers should all be equally represented on the platform. Which they are not.
    Mixer can cater to whatever they deem appropriate when it comes to partnership and additional opportunities (studio spots, early access for MS games, etc) that makes sense from a marketing standpoint. Xbox should utilize parental controls to monitor content types, not censorship from the platform. Parents should be accountable for what their Xbox allows their kids to watch, not Mixer.

    There's a difference between a mature stream and outright hate speech or other inappropriate actions. A mature (18+) stream shouldn't be denied platform options simply because they curse or have mature conversations (within TOS.) Yes, a streamer that relies on vulgarity and inappropriate content WILL have a harder time making headway in the industry but that's on them. Don't further add to their problems by removing their opportunities on the platform.

  • Reaper commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I also agree like the comment BELOW but, I have been supporting the idea of having the 18+ casters being featured and on front page for a while. As much as I support the few stream teams on this platform, I lost faith in it when they are exclusively featuring Family Friendly and Teen broadcasters. I know I been upvoting a lot of "Have 18+ casters be featured" since last year but yet to no avail. I honestly wish that Mixer realizes that you can succeed being yourself and NOT putting on a show for a bigger audience (like several casters I WILL NOT name). You may see me time to time on Mixer now but once they support the 18+ casters as the same as family friendly and teen, I will be back around Mixer more. But for now I will just hang around a few casters I do now.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with a majority of this with one exception.

    HypeZone, while a great idea, has proven to be detrimental to the platform over time. Only focusing on a couple of games makes the rest of the platform seem unimportant. All people see when they're on Mixer is Fortnite and PUBG. It brings an overly high amount of emphasis on two games.

    A better solution would be for HypeZone to instead rotate the focus daily. Today the HypeZone will feature this game, tomorrow a different one. As Valsis said, you guys have the brains and the tech to figure this out.

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