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Sparks: Buy, Earn, Redeem.

Although I enjoy earning sparks for watching my favorite streams and spending them to activate interactive effects with those channels, I feel like this is still a missed opportunity for both the platform and its creators.

I cant speak for everyone, but I can explain how I would personally like to see this feature evolve.

I'll cut straight to the point:

+ Purchase (x) sparks at various price points.
- Bonus sparks for larger amounts purchased.
+ Earn Bonus Sparks
- (x) per Ad watched, (x) per Partner Subscribed, (x) per merch purchased.

+ Redeem Sparks!
- for Interactive
- Partner tipping (yes, like twitch bits)
- 1 free Sub per month
- Xbox/Microsoft Rewards and Discounts.
- Partner Merch (and/or Discounts)

Most stores I shop at have a points system for money I spend, which I can redeem for free products etc. (who doesn't like free pizza?) so I feel like sparks could easily be developed into a system that can be both earned, purchased and redeemed to support our favorite creators, or to reward ourselves with exclusive perks and discounts.

Im not currently up to speed on what mixers current position is on sparks, or if anything is in planned development, but i figured I would shoot my shot and hope I swish!

ok back to my pizza...

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  • chirs commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    some people farm for sparks 24/7 on dud pc's.. why should that be rewarded? sparks are for partners of mixer to benefit from not every random joe blogg..

  • Amore_ commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I do agree with most of this, although I would still want people to be able to earn sparks through watching casts, even if it has to be significantly less than the other ways to get sparks. I think it's important to remember that people watching streams is valuable to both the caster and the platform, and that should be rewarded.

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