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Platform Exclusive Featured Section

A featured section that resembles the current featured carousel, but is broken into tabs that are based on the platform that the streamer is gaming on (in this example I focus on Xbox, PC, and PS4), and it's smaller (maybe only highlights 2 or 3 streamers).

The current carousel is a great way to grow, and the weekly cool down is a great way to bring variety to the featured page, but Mixer is going through a significant phase of "Xbox First" content, which I think is building the stigma that Mixer is Xbox only, and consequently intimidating PS4 or PC first content creators. Obviously there are PS4, Switch, and PC streamers, but generally, we only see PS4 and Switch content when it comes to platform exclusive games (like Shadow of Colossus, God of War, and Zelda BOTW), and the only directory that tends to have an abundance of PC gamers is the PUBG directory.

I think offering a smaller, platform based featured section would give PS4 and PC first content creators an incentive to try Mixer and be discovered in a meaningful way, which would result in more users overall on Mixer, and a opportunity to break the stigma that Mixer is only for Xbox content creators and gamers.

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  • RedLaceGaming commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Not a fan of this idea. Not all of us stream video games and could take away from those of us trying to do Creative/IRL/Web Shows etc.

  • Domin0e commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Not a fan of this. Platform segregation just doesn't sound like a good idea. First of all, the logitstics (as outlined in the comments) are lackluster. I don't want to have to add special tags to my titles, bloating them with unneccessary stuff.

    Second, you *will* have people throwing in the wrong tags just because it might be easier to be featured in the PC tab compared to XBox (and Play anywhere or what its called is a thing so it might not even be obvious).

    Third, I completely disagree on the discoverability. This would be atrocious for being discovered, seeing how quite a large percentage of users right now seems to be Xbox-based. You would cut me as a PC streamer away from that potential viewerbase unless they actively seek out other platforms for what exactly?

    To break the stigma of Mixer only being for Xbox content and Creators, we don't need platform-specific Feature reels. We need some PR and maybe a big(ger) name or five from Twitch and Youtube being brought over with some sweet contracts and a couple wads of cash. I'll post this in the Reddit Thread as well, as it's easier to discuss over there.

  • HoosierBoy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    So I posted this idea to /r/Mixer, where a few of us discussed this idea, and we thought that instead of a traditional featured section, what if it was a bit different:

    "Honestly, I think the most realistic way to make this feature happen would be to create a dynamic search option, that allows users to search based on console, and then create a sort of "Featured" page from that by showing the top content creators that are gaming on that platform. It could be based on stream titles (similar to how HypeZone reads stream titles and instead look for the words PS4, Xbox, NS, and PC to sort into categories), and then filters streamers into a hierarchy for their respective gaming platform based on viewership and frequency of being "Featured" by that platform search ability.

    Immediately, I can imagine a situation where someone would put something like [PS4] in their title, when they are actually playing Xbox, in hopes to get more exposure in the Xbox saturated climate that Mixer is experiencing right now, but as long as this offense could be reported for abuse, I think it would be a good first step."

    If you would like to see the rest of the discussion, you can find it at

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I stream Rocket League which is cross platform, therefore what I play it on is irrelevant. I wouldn't want to miss out on the chance to get hold of xbox users just because I am on the PC, im sure plenty of people would feel the same about the other way around.

    In the same breath, Rocket League isnt like most games, a majority of games are not cross platform so would love your idea I think. I just dont want to have to do a disclaimer saying "Im PC, but that shouldn't matter for the purposes of this game..."

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