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How to improve Moderation across the board.

OK so I have modded on Mixer for almost a year at this stage and I have a few ideas that might come in handy.

-Expand Channel Editor powers.
For some streamers, their channel editor or stream manager is vital and having them able to take action and resolve a situation autonomously, without bothering the streamer or the flow of the chat/channel would be a major boom. I know this is planned, but I am gonna poke you about it cause I can.

-Global Moderator expansion of duties.
(1) OK so this a two-prong attack, first I would love to see more "pinned" channels at the top of the site to showcase the best and brightest of Mixer. Chillzone should definitely be a thing but also a non-partner-oriented version of Channel One. But how would this be controlled you ask? Time for the second prong.

(2)Certain Global Moderators could be given the opportunity to scout for and then host/highlight smaller, more diverse channels. I realize that giving a non salaried person control over what a pinned channel at the top of the site is showing might be considered risky, and if that is the case perhaps a system where the Global Moderator could refer a channel for highlight would be better. These referrals would then be evaluated by Mixer Staff and approved or denied.

Call for Assistance
So having mods in your channel seems easy enough? But there is always the possibility that you mods will not show. This is a fairly common complaint I hear from partnered streamers and mid-sized streamers. I would like to add a "Call for mod" button for partnered streamers that they can utilize if they feel their chat is overwhelming etc. Such as being suddenly featured or the like. This button would send out a ping to all Global Moderators on the site. Allowing them to go and check in on the streamer and moderate the chat as required.

More Global Mods
Yeah we may need more of those.

Reputation System
This is a system that would allow channel moderators, upon disciplining the user, to record the ban or timeout on the users account. This data would then be averaged and gathered into an overall reputation score that would be visible to the moderators of other channels. This would allow other moderators to spot potentially bad actors beforehand and be aware of the user's reputation.

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