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Share Controller adjustments 😺👍

Technically the Share Controller feature worked flawlessly.
However - there are some additions needed to make it truly shine.

Instead of having viewers just kick each other off the controller:
- Queue system where people can take turns for X amount of time
- Time on the controller can be based off how many sparks they spend
- A mode where only the mods assign who the player is
- The ability to have a max number of viewers per controller slot
- Be able to kick someone off the controller with sparks, then the kicker will have immunity for X amount of time
- Player slots only for subscribers

Other good stuff:
- Instead of doing the whole 'trick' by having the streamer being player 2 while the viewers are player 1, just be able to enable or disable different seats
- The streamer should be able to see who is controlling the controller at all times and with the timer if that mode is enabled
- Can play with an Xbox One controller from OS X on Chrome by using a third party driver
- Can play using a Dual Shock 4 in Windows 10 by using a third party driver
- List of games tried should be complied to save time [I've tried 100+ on PC but can retry them on Xbox]

And lastly:
- There is a bug now that automatically turns the camera on right before you stream even if it's set to off; this was not a bug prior to this update
- During my OBS-FTL & Tachyon testing, streaming 720p with a lower bitrate offered lower latency than 1080p with a higher bitrate; the ability to force a lower resolution would improve viewer enjoyment

I'm excited to see where this goes! =D

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  • Errorless commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Very well said!

    I love the idea of a queue system.

    It sucks having multiple people wanting to play a game but one person just hogs up every second. You kick them and they quickly reconnect just in time where no one else can play. It's a nuisance to just about everyone but they aren't causing any trouble in the chat enough to ban them.

    So I definitely think queue system and shared controller play time limit should be added. I believe that'll definitely improve the game play for everyone.

  • mr_olr commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Another option if possible to to assign different people to different buttons. Someone to control the aim and another to shoot?

  • sorryaboutyourcats commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Taken from Discord:
    When I had people taking turns with Pilotwings [SNES], I basically had a ghetto queue system set up where I can switch off to the next viewer in line.

    If people joined in on a queue, you could have a shortcut like RT + right on d-pad switch to the next player [from the Xbox], with some type of overlay on the screen similar to a 'character selected' in Street Fighter of sorts. Of course a mod can switch to the next one too.

    Doing these types of challenges with viewers against each other [and with a leaderboard] keeps them engaged and is usually entertaining to watch them suck or succeed.

    Also adding:
    - Ability to use keyboard controls from PC, in case they don't have a controller

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