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Make the Channel description area more dynamic

As an artist that has created several stream layouts for friends on Mixer I would really like to see something more added to the description area to give us a bit more creative freedom.

Currently, we have very limited tools to create good content for these description areas, and for some, they settle for “good enough” because it is hard for them to figure out. I have had to help a few people tweak images to make them look decent and it requires some secret HTML/CSS magic that can be buggy at times.

Several streamers add graphics to their description and have created some very cool layouts using what we have now, however on mobile these nice graphics and layouts are pretty much destroyed and look horrible.

Since this is a common theme for many of the streamers on Mixer I would like to see some tools implemented into the description area to help keep these custom layouts going and help make things more mobile friendly.

I think a template system could work, this allows for users to create simple layouts that would be controlled by your CSS and makes for adding images and content simple. These areas could be drag and drop enabled so content can be moved around easily.

Another idea is to give us a grid system so we can create custom layouts similar to how you make buttons in Dev Labs. This would allow for custom content in almost any shape or size.

Also, for mobile, I think the best idea is to just have a separate section for what displays on mobile screens. Then users can decide what to show, what not to show, or completely change their content for mobile viewers.

One last thing! If we could add animated gifs, or maybe even video to these areas that would be great too. I tried adding an animated gif once, and your image optimizing processor, or whatever it is, completely messed up the gif and made it unusable.

Thanks Mixer, Keep being AWESOME!

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  • Anthony Morgan Roberts commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I sat here for 4 days thinking it was my pic res or justification causing the issues. NOPE!!! PLEASE DO THIS. I want my page to shine, and the followers to bask in the radiating awesomeness of my photoshoppyness

  • Ian Norrington commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We really need to have this. Using nice images for the description is becoming quite mainstream, and generally looks amazing on desktop, but the mobile version is always quite poor. The mobile layout is fine for text but terrible for images, and needs to be rectified asap!

  • DeviantDesign commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yeah, when I tried the animated GIF it messed it up and there were artifacts and ugliness all over.

  • Mary Williame Taranee Courtney commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I Think, NotYOurAverageSenpai have Animated GIFs in Her(?) Description Box.

    I Tried Doing It, but I Get a 503 First Byte Timeout, After Opening the Image in a New Tab.

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