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Add Xbox Club Button - Join/Invite Button on Xbox App Stream Interface

There are three buttons that we need, two are in the works. The three buttons are:

- Follow (unhide from channel)
- Sub (In the works)
- Club

This request is all about the 'Xbox Club'. If you are a heavy Xbox streamer like me you promote your club like your discord. I have both. You want people to join the club however getting people to join is cumbersome.

They have to leave the stream and follow a five step process to 'find' your club from the Xbox home page. Once they find your club they have to 'request' an invite. You then have to follow up and send them an invite which in turn they have to accept. Lots of back and forth for the user and streamer.

It's a horrible process for Xbox viewers. Being that users watching from the Xbox app are logged in with their Xbox profile a 'club invite' button should be fairly easy to develop and implement.

So what I am asking for is:

- Allow a streamer to associate his/hers Xbox Club to the stream
- Allow viewers from the Xbox App and Browser to 'Select' a button that requests an invite to the club
- This new 'Club' button can live around the 'Follow' and 'Sub' button.

This will greatly improve club membership by reducing the amount of steps for viewers to follow.

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