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Add a "follower" role to the Beam Chat API for Bots

With the Beam Chat Bot API, you get several pieces of information about a particular user chats in your channel. You can figure out if they are a sub, moderator, pro user, staff, etc.

What you can't find out though is if they are a follower.

Most of the bots on beam do raffles. The majority that do raffles, also support "subscriber" and "follower" based raffles as well.

The Chat API tells you a person is a subscriber, but doesn't tell you if they are a follower. The only way you can figure out if a user is a follower is to use services like the Beam REST API and possibly Carina to track newer followers since the connection to the chat was made.

The problem with the REST API is the way you have to do your queries. To pull list of all the followers within the channel, you can only pull 50 at a time. So if we take the case of someone having 5000 followers, that's 100 REST API calls to pull follower information.

You can only do 100 queries within a minute due to rate limiting, so when trying to do giveaways, you're gonna hit issues with this if you're method is to pull all followers at one time for caching.

Other APIs allow you to query a user for all the people they are following. While the rate limit is higher, there are definitely scenarios where this is unmanageable. The call to do this is 500 calls a minute to query each user about their followers (and you can only get 50 at a time). So in the case of a FOLLOWER based raffle, if someone enters that has 5000 followers, and you're attempting to figure out if this particular user is following your channel, you can potentially waste up to 100 of those queries with just one check.

Right now, a few of the bots are using MULTIPLE IP addresses to get around the slowness and rate-limiting issues of the REST API to simply check if a person talking in your channel is a follower or not.

The new feature request is to add "FOLLOWER" as a role in the Beam Chat API along side of "Sub, mod, user, pro, staff" and others.

As soon as you have a streamer that regularly gets THOUSANDS of people in their channel and they want to do a follower-based raffle, this is going to greatly impact the ability to query the REST API.

Putting the FOLLOWER as a role within the Beam Chat API will greatly reduce traffic to the REST API endpoint server each time someone wants to run a follower raffle, and as a streamer who has been on this beam for awhile, EVERYONE likes to run follower raffles.

Please make this happen!

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    How do people get so many followers in a week a guy on Xbox called rmy went from 1k followers to 13k in like 2weeks how do you do that does anyone's know?

  • KensonPlays commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes, PLEASE. I would love to have my ‘Random’ sound effect button to be only available to followers.

  • Schuster commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This will be a nice addition as would be very useful to differentiate between a regular user and follower

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think this would be a great addition and more information / information in a better container is always better.
    Additionally, Follower information will start to be more important as Beam begins to grow even larger.

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