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I first made this post on the forums but people avoid my posts like cancer for some reason. So I am sorry if this is not what I am supposed to do.

I was wondering if there would be a way to showcase Teams more on the front page of Beam. The Beam community is the soul of this site and to show that love a bit more would be amazing.

We could have Beam Teams VS other Beam teams for hours streamed, or Sparks gathered. A very friendly competition to show our love for teams here on Beam.

I am sure people would love to come to a place an feel like they are not striving to stay afloat alone, but to be part of a team that actually means more than an icon in your profile.

We could get Team shirts, through the numerous screen printing places (Like JINX, TPublic, Design by Humans etc)

We could have ranks in Teams that fill certain roles if they want a team like that

I think we can make teams more important and a place that individual streamers feel more like family here instead of a lone streamer. We all want to be part of something.

Thanks Guys, I always appreciate your hard work!

EDIT: I am just going to add things to the same post here if I think ok any


The ability to have more creative control on the Teams page

Official Beam Overlays

Beam on screen notifications? (I know StreamJar does an amazing job, but possibly future spin-off)

Official Beam Discord

An easy ability to "Tip" the broadcaster through the Beam site just like Subscribe. (I know it's a huge project to do something like that, but it would mean the world to so many streamers and make it easier to tip my favorite streamers with a very slight overhead for Beam -nudge nudge)

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