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Mature + | 18+ too lewd filter Idea

So I'm a 18+ streamer, and not in the terms of nudity, showing my cleavage, attempt to be ****** directly to anyone, or acting like a *** object.. I barely play games with *** in them tbh.. I'm almost always in a whitemage cape and layers of clothes to match LOL

Some may see the joke "future filters might be (family/teen/mature/IKA)" This started to float around cause my stream is just out there, those who watch enjoy the laid back free talk, laughs, and open mouthed Ika not afraid to speak real and joke about lewd stuff... Or I am just so naturally hyper ppl assume I'm on something LOL...

Because I am known to get overly excited and hyper, make jokes openly lewd or not, very tolerant to even lewd chat(and still tries to keep it within the Beam terms), REAL talk, ya real talk, and stuff ppl want to avoid talking about all the why I think an extra filter is needed. I get some might not like that or are too sensitive to that style, but most society is also on that side..

Ideas: Filter for streamers allowed List of criteria
-People streaming to this Mature + type filter will not show on front page vod promotion feed(to avoid kids from seeing or hearing) unless the viewers filter for this is set to show..maybe
-Make it clear this filter still abides terms and isnt about nudity/*** acts, just overly lewd or open talk, etc..
-People who view mature channels are told about that, maybe have the first time viewer to this filter click an accept button that will keep the filter off and explain the filter can be altered in account options, also if age is tracked in beam accounts, prevent those under 18 from being able to even see the streams automatically... (I know this wont prevent minors from faking this out, but I'm just trying to think of ways to help)
-All who stream to this filter can be turned off the main page by viewers in account
-filter option set in account for those not wanting to see these streams on the list can be toggled on or off. (This can be a great idea for any filter viewers may want to avoid, then I can turn off all family and teen streams, since Im too lewd to even chat in one mostly)
-Vods/highlights made with this filter on are filtered from the vod list in profile to anyone having that filter on (this is for ppl who might so night streams of drunk and lewd, but yet morning is more calm and chill teen) It can prevent the non Mature + filter vods from showing so if doing a NON mature stream, you dont have to worry about kids seeing it.

My Thoughts and feelings
Everyone should have a place they feel comfortable, and I feel filtered people actually enables negativity in society possibly increasing them to be that way even MORE, we are holding back our natural feelings, ideas, and enjoyments all cause some cant tolerate it and walk away..
As a Borderline person disabled because of this kinda of setup, I would love to see beam have a filter for people like me, who cant be easily filtered, but still want to stream and be real with viewers within terms as best as possible!
Sorry for TL:DR and my inability to really make sense when talking, I was never taught how to be social and barely passed most my vocal classes as a kid... I did try to make sense LOL

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