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Longer stream titles

I would love to see the ability to have longer stream titles. The titles seem so limited compared to other streaming sites.

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  • Nixxen commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    YES! THIS! So much this!
    I usually have a title following this formula "[Language abbrevation]Game + mode - Special details about that gamenight - community name for that stream".

    As an example "[EN]Arma 3 Coop - Tactical Tuesdays in Operation "IC Ivan" - With the Nopryl community"
    Currently the title fits only half of that.
    That title works ok on Twitch.

    Can this please be increased to something more usable? Is there a specific reason that it's as short as it is?

  • leasoncre commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    multiple line stream titles!
    IE: alot of folks like to prefix thier stream title with with" [serverinfo-or-stream#] which can get long or take up 1/2 or more of the character limit
    make a stream title line, a game info title (URL compatible would be awesome for linking serverpages), and maybe even a 3rd line for misc, other info

  • shufunk commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    How long of a title do you want? Anything longer then this sentence i am writeing now is pointless cause then it's like you are trying to put your profile in the title.

    If you want your title to advertise the server you play in, the current level/class/specs of your wow character then that is just silly! Put that in your profile. Some don't care where you play or what level or class you play in wow. they just wanna see gameplay. If you are participating in a tournament then a smaller title like "PvP 2v2 - EU Qualifying Round 1" should be fine enough for a title.

    Titles explaining what you are doing is pointless too. Lets say in minecraft you have a plan today to build a few machines and then program them. Then you are gonna do a test run. After that you are going to slay the dragon. then After that you plan on building a building for your villager slaves. All of that don't need to be in the title.

    Lastly only reason i can think of a very long title is if you are speedrunning. I have seem people put in their title the name of the game, the current world record with the name of the person who holds it and their personal record into the tile.

    1. You can put what game you are playing without putting it in your title
    2. You can post your personal records on your profile and/or as an overlay.
    3. While yeh it's interesting to know who the current WR holder is it's not neccesary to put that into the title and just put that in the overlay as well.

    Title should state "%any star WR Attempt" in the title

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