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Use franchises to create "hubs", instead of using individual games to organize and display Beam game list

There are many games that have some sort of expansion or new sequel or even old version of the game. Sometimes I have even seen games with same name displayed as if it was two different "Games" here on Beam.

So my idea is to make Beam better than the "Twitch way", where sometimes I got to see: Aion, Aion: Assault on Balaurea, Aion: Dark Betrayal, Aion: Upheaval.
And even if all channels were on the same latest expansion/Version, they were all scattered around with different names because the streamer didn't bother to update the game.
So I always wished Twitch would do something about it, I had this idea back before I even joined Beam, and since Beam seems more open and is cooler, I want to give my feedback about it.

So my idea is Organize games by Franchise name, instead of individual games, like having franchise game hubs, and once we click on them, we get to see all the different channels of all the sequels expansions, old/new versions, hacks, DLCs, etc etc... just everything about that game.
It would not only make a streaming service nicer and cleaner, but also since people can get to see all the channels related to a specific game, it could even help many streamers to get exposed even if they are not on the latest popular game on an specific franchise.

And of course if if people want to see one specific sequel or whatever, they are able to click on the "sub-game" to see all channels in that specific sequel. so yeah it is like sub-folders but for games.

Also I added a little "Sort by" so we don't get to find games based only on viewer count but also alphabetically if the user wanted to see all games in a nice list.

I tried to make a mockup to explain what I mean. So hope it is clear what my idea is. :)

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  • Emi commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I remember when I made this feedback. Beam was renamed to Mixer, many changes happened but the UI/UX is still not the best today after 1.5 years, and my idea still sounds better than most feedback and changes that have been implemented.
    It is so easy to fix Mixer, but it seems this type of changes would require more work from Mixer team... and maybe they don't want to maintain it this much.
    But I wish they would, it would have made it less cluttered, easier to navigate and it would have been better and different than most streaming game sites.

    Created for gaming and content creation, not for just streaming and you can't even support the small streamers because this site is meant for few streamers... not for thousands of streamers where you have to scroll down all day to reach the small streamers.

  • Chronostrider commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'd like to see an option for alphabetical sorting, definitely. If I'm interested in watching a particular game, it can be hard to find if not a lot of people are watching (or someone forgot to update their channel data mid-stream).

  • Domin0e commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Great idea! Helps to declutter the Game list before it becomes cluttered.

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