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partner charity

We would like to see the option for partners to be able to automatically donate some or all of their income to a chosen charity.

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Aknotsdeath shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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  • Mokumegane commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Also having the ability to configure this to where it can be turned on, off, the charity can be changed, etc.

  • MeadViking commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    First to sum up my understanding of the idea as a whole.
    The suggestion revolves around enabling charity streams,
    without complications of the sub button cash. Going through the complicated process, of being seen as working cash with tax calculations etc.
    As well as being able to decide what the streamer gets in donations, and what a charity could be getting?

    Because to my understanding, donations = no tax, simply a something something directly between viewer and streamer *no tax*
    But Sub button cash = working cash, something not everyone are entitled to accept, hence why this suggestion has been brought to light. *also meaning tax is included*

    Well the way I see it there are alot of pros and cons with this idea.
    Mostly I'd say:

    Pros being:
    * Those who cannot accept working cash can instead direct it towards helping a needing organization.
    * Charitys themselfs or streamers devoted solely for charity, could keep streams simply to raise cash for their chosen charity.

    Cons being:
    * If the possibility of a loophole of setting up a charity that leads back to the streamer itself, only to attempt avoiding the tax part exist. *needs to be looked into by someone who knows more then myself*
    * If sub button cash for charity still counts as working money, and still get calculated as tax then it could also be an issue.

    In this case I would say that the pros outweigh the cons.
    Based on the fact that the cons have yet to be proven, but even if the same applies to the pros.
    I'd say its still worth a shot, cause its done for a good cause. It solves a problem, it helps: the chosen charity, the streamer, the viewer and last but not least the site itself.

    The chosen charity because they get financial funds.
    The streamer cause if that person cant accept sub button cash =/= working cash he/she got an option.
    The viewer because there will pop up more streams this way over time, if this function is implemented. *at least that's what I believe, I dont see why it wouldn't bring more streamers*
    The site because if there is a unique function, that stands out from another VOD service. It is very well possible that it would make this site unique.
    With that being said, a crowd of some sort could certainly appear and help the site grow even further then it already has.

    So yea, hopefully this wasn't too confusing.
    Also I hope I didn't missinterpret aknotdeath's, original thoughtprocess with this idea.
    Im pretty positive I may have missed some valid points tho, maybe for pros and cons?
    Feel free to keep the debate going and lets start researching this, it has potential. Turning a blind eye to further evolving the beam services is a waste.
    It's an opportunity, and the users are very engaged into trying to make the site even better. *Not something all services have, cherish that and its members and it will grow on its own. Not saying you guys haven't this far, just simply saying "listen to what other ideas are out there for your site in particular :)"
    So please take your time to listen Matt & James.

    Hopefully I gave someone more insight on this all, and maybe got some more communication going between owners and users.
    Regardless I feel like I've added what I wanted to say, whats done with it afterwards is up to everyone else :)
    *Hopefully not too many grammar errors haha*

  • Aknotsdeath commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would also love to see a choice for every streamer to give a % to a charity of there choice if they choose. So x % of every sub goes to which every charity is selected if they select one.

  • Aknotsdeath commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    OK sorry I will clarify this after I get back up. I just got done streaming and really need to lay down. But in short when I say me for the idea I more mean that as an example. I am not asking for partnership. I just want charitys to have accounts and when people sub the money goes there and I want regular streamers to be able to have the money go straight to a charity if they choose. Weather its a percent or all of it. Some people like me can not have a taxable income. I will try going into more depth later if there are still questions please post them if you have them.

  • Firebottle commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes! Hopefully with the ability for any partner to choose a percentage of subscription to go to a specific charity. Can't take taxable income? Set it to 100. Gamewisp allows people to donate part of their subscription as well. Love the idea.

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